Sunday, February 14, 2010

Permission Slips by Sherri Sherpard

Grand Central Publishing, October 2009
Reviewer: LaShonda
Rating: 3.5

Sherri Shepherd does not claim to have lived a perfect life, nor does she set out to prove that she now has all the answers. Permission slips is a collection of stories, each with their own life lesson thrown in for good measure. From her struggle with growing up Jehovah Witness to her rise to Hollywood fame, Sherri gives us a glimpse inside her growing pains. Her openness and candidness is refreshing and helps to better understand the woman we see five days a week on The View.

If you are thinking this is yet another self help book or a celebrity’s watered down version of their climb to fame, think again. Reading Permissions Slips is like having a conversation with one of your best friends. Broken down into her life’s milestones, this book shows us how Sherri learned to give herself a permission slip to not be perfect.

You will laugh, cry and get mad at Sherri as she sometimes makes the same mistake twice. In all, this is a good read and a great example of why there is really no need to beat yourself up about the mishaps of life. I not only learned a little more about Ms Shephard, but I saw that sometimes I just need to write my own permission slips in life. I recommend this to readers of all genres who may be tired of the cookie cutter celebrity books.

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