Saturday, April 10, 2010

Basketball Jones by E. Lynn Harris

Doubleday, January 2009
Reviewer: ChiTown Haitienne
Rating: 4

Have you ever wondered about 'the other man' in the relationship with a married man who's afraid to come out of the closet? E. Lynn takes you on a journey inside his world. True to his style, E Lynn gives you an outrageous Queen diva, a confident gay man who let's love take him to a place he thought he'd never venture, and drama with a capital 'D'.

Basketball Jones reminded me of why I love E. Lynn's writing. He does a perfect job of getting the reader to understand the plight of the gay man, whether he's confused or sure in the lifestyle he's chosen, and the characters he creates will have you talking out loud to the book. Despite this not being one of E. Lynn's strongest works, Basketball Jones was an entertaining read in true E. Lynn Harris style.

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