Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Table For Three by Recha G. Peay

Urban Soul: October 2009
Reviewer: LaShonda
Rating: 4

Shiquanna is an alcoholic exotic dancer with a few high paying dates on the side. She has life demons that she is fighting as she drowns her soul in alcohol. Yvonne is an unemployed CPA whose current stint of charity work at the church is about more than a pure heart. Toting her bible and holy water she is ready to cast out the demons of her friends, but needs to take a closer look at her own demons. India is a professional college student struggling with her identity. She has changed major more often than people change their underwear,

These three women could not be any more different, but life brought them together and love for each other keeps them grounded. Each week they meet to provide whatever intervention they feel must be performed in each others lives. As the story unfolds we find that they all have issues of their own that need to be worked out.

Table for Three is a re-coming of age story about three women approaching milestones in their lives. Shiquanna, India and Yvonne are likable and believable characters. You will find yourself ready to throw the book across the room in frustration as these three women become a part of your own sister-girl fold.

If you enjoy contemporary women’s lit, you will enjoy this tale of growing pains. I recommend this to any one looking to read chick lit without the cookie cutter lifestyles. These women are real and will have you frustrated, laughing and eventually cheering for their Table for Three.

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