Sunday, February 14, 2010

Permission Slips by Sherri Sherpard

Grand Central Publishing, October 2009
Reviewer: LaShonda
Rating: 3.5

Sherri Shepherd does not claim to have lived a perfect life, nor does she set out to prove that she now has all the answers. Permission slips is a collection of stories, each with their own life lesson thrown in for good measure. From her struggle with growing up Jehovah Witness to her rise to Hollywood fame, Sherri gives us a glimpse inside her growing pains. Her openness and candidness is refreshing and helps to better understand the woman we see five days a week on The View.

If you are thinking this is yet another self help book or a celebrity’s watered down version of their climb to fame, think again. Reading Permissions Slips is like having a conversation with one of your best friends. Broken down into her life’s milestones, this book shows us how Sherri learned to give herself a permission slip to not be perfect.

You will laugh, cry and get mad at Sherri as she sometimes makes the same mistake twice. In all, this is a good read and a great example of why there is really no need to beat yourself up about the mishaps of life. I not only learned a little more about Ms Shephard, but I saw that sometimes I just need to write my own permission slips in life. I recommend this to readers of all genres who may be tired of the cookie cutter celebrity books.

Silken Betrayal by Francis Ray

Kimani Press, Feb 1999
Reviewer: LaShonda
Rating: 4

Lauren Bennett lived a life that consisted of her job as an executive secretary and being a single mother to 5 year old Joshua. Since the accident that claimed the lives of her husband and her mother, Lauren’s main concern has been to keep her son happy and safely away from his father’s influential parents.
Jordan Hamilton was a successful business man with a grudge against Lauren’s father-in-law. Jordan is determined to make him pay for the undo pain and humiliation his greed and lies caused to his family.

Lauren’s plus sized friend Sonja is trying to show her friend that it is ok for her to be a mom and love again. The blossoming love between Lauren and Jordan is mixed with mystery and intrigue as we learn just what harm Lauren’s father-in-law caused and tries to continue to cause in the lives of Jordan and Lauren. The mystery of Jordan’s grudge and how it will affect Lauren keeps you on edge throughout and has you routing for Lauren, Jordan and Joshua.

The relationship that Joshua begins to form with Jordan will pull at your heart strings as Joshua begins to experience things he was missing as a young boy growing up without a dad. Romance lovers will surely enjoy this love story told as only Mrs. Ray can. I recommend this book to readers of romance and Francis Ray. If you are looking to read an erotic work place drama this is the story for you.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Table For Three by Recha G. Peay

Urban Soul: October 2009
Reviewer: LaShonda
Rating: 4

Shiquanna is an alcoholic exotic dancer with a few high paying dates on the side. She has life demons that she is fighting as she drowns her soul in alcohol. Yvonne is an unemployed CPA whose current stint of charity work at the church is about more than a pure heart. Toting her bible and holy water she is ready to cast out the demons of her friends, but needs to take a closer look at her own demons. India is a professional college student struggling with her identity. She has changed major more often than people change their underwear,

These three women could not be any more different, but life brought them together and love for each other keeps them grounded. Each week they meet to provide whatever intervention they feel must be performed in each others lives. As the story unfolds we find that they all have issues of their own that need to be worked out.

Table for Three is a re-coming of age story about three women approaching milestones in their lives. Shiquanna, India and Yvonne are likable and believable characters. You will find yourself ready to throw the book across the room in frustration as these three women become a part of your own sister-girl fold.

If you enjoy contemporary women’s lit, you will enjoy this tale of growing pains. I recommend this to any one looking to read chick lit without the cookie cutter lifestyles. These women are real and will have you frustrated, laughing and eventually cheering for their Table for Three.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Madam Eve by Eddrick Dejuan

Atonement Publishing, LLC: March 2008
Reviewer: Tiffany
Rating: 3

Evelyn divorced her retired pro-football player husband when she could no longer deal with his lying and cheating ways. As for their pre-nuptial agreement, the judge ruled in Evelyn's favor due to his treatment of her during their marriage. As a way to “help” other women get back at their cheating husbands, Evelyn decides to open an escort business. But, while she is plotting revenge somehow love happens.

This book rated a 3 for a number of reasons. First, the author could have developed the storyline more. I should have been more of a back story on the relationship between Andrew and his father. Next there were a quiet a few typographical errors. This book was in need of some major editing. And, the last but not least the cover art was just lacking. It looked very basic, dull and did not convey what the story was about. Overall, this was a quick read with a plot that will keep the reader interested.

Every Woman's Got A Secret by Brenda L Thomas

Pocket: January, 2007
Reviewer: Tiffany
Rating: 2

Every Woman's Got A Secret follows Caroline, a very popular and successful vee-jay. Her employer decides to take her show on the road and hires an intern, Mari, to help make this happen. Mari seems to be the perfect intern, coming up with great and exciting show ideas and just falling into place with the show. But she is a very private about her personal life as if she has something to hide. Over time, Caroline and Mari develop a close friendship and then all of the deception, intrigue, romance and murder begin.

This book did not live up to the billing. I was quite intrigued by the opening of the book but it did not live up to the hype. The storyline became quite predictable and did not have me wondering what would happen next. I continued to read the book to the end as I have enjoyed some of the author’s other work. But, this book did not entertain me as other books written by Brenda L. Thomas.

Forever My Lady by Jeff Rivera

Grand Central Publishing: July 2007
Reviewer: Tiffany
Rating: 4

There is nothing quite like young love, and this book is an engaging story about two young people named Dio and Jennifer. Dio is a gang member who ends up in boot camp and Jennifer is a victim of a gun shooting. Forever My Lady is the story of their relationship and tells in vivid detail of its survival under extreme circumstances.

Forever My Lady is a realistic portrayal of a teenage love that keeps the reader engrossed for the outcome. Jeff Rivera does an excellent job of describing the emotions and the struggles that the two main characters encounter. This book kept me interested until the very last page and left me wanting for more. I would recommend this book to others.