Monday, February 1, 2010

Madam Eve by Eddrick Dejuan

Atonement Publishing, LLC: March 2008
Reviewer: Tiffany
Rating: 3

Evelyn divorced her retired pro-football player husband when she could no longer deal with his lying and cheating ways. As for their pre-nuptial agreement, the judge ruled in Evelyn's favor due to his treatment of her during their marriage. As a way to “help” other women get back at their cheating husbands, Evelyn decides to open an escort business. But, while she is plotting revenge somehow love happens.

This book rated a 3 for a number of reasons. First, the author could have developed the storyline more. I should have been more of a back story on the relationship between Andrew and his father. Next there were a quiet a few typographical errors. This book was in need of some major editing. And, the last but not least the cover art was just lacking. It looked very basic, dull and did not convey what the story was about. Overall, this was a quick read with a plot that will keep the reader interested.

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