Sunday, April 26, 2009

Not His Type by Chamein Canton

Genesis Press: October, 2007
Reviewer: DD
Rating: 3.5 (Amazon 4)

Plus-Size (size 16), literary agent Cathy Chambers has a great life or so she would have everyone believe. The literary agency is doing great. Her twin sons are doing well at school and it is baseball season so she can watch her beloved Yankees just about every day. Love is not an issue. A past filled with disappointments in love, size and weight insecurities, and some emotional issues from her childhood have made it easy to retreat into a routine of work and Yankee games until she meets the Yankee's top player Marcus Fox. Will Cathy be able to deal with her weight issues as her relationship plays out in the media that surrounds Marcus' life

When I first picked up Not His Type I was not sure what to expect. Since I had previously listened to an interview with Chamein Canton, I hoped for a book that gave a well rounded story that showed the issues many plus size women have as they face the challenge of being plus size in a world that does not always see beyond your size. I was not disappointed. Chambers is able to covey the struggles of the plus size woman without making her plus size character the funny fat girl. She was a real woman ,with real concerns that were amplified by the public interest in her relationship.

The story is filled with an interesting mix of characters and personalities, that shape Cathy and Marcus' world and help them deal with the media blitz that surrounds their very public relationship. I enjoyed watching the romance between Cathy and Marcus develop. It was great to see these two fall in love despite the media hounding them and an ex-girlfriend with serious control issues. I was happy to see Cathy work through her personal issues to make things work with the type of man that comes only once in a life time, if ever.

My only complaint was that the book was a bit wordy. There were scenes that just seemed unnecessary. Canton paid great attention to detail in her novel. In most cases this would be a plus but for this book it was a bit overdone. Despite this I really enjoyed the story and would recommend it to both romance lovers and lovers of plus-size literature.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Things We Do For Love by Xavier Knight

Grand Central Publishing: March, 2008
Reviewer: LaShonda
Rating: 4

In The Things We Do For Love, Xavier Knight takes us into the lives of two married couples, the husbands, both members of a gospel group.

Jesse and Dionne Law have endured a lot as a married couple. Jesse is trying to put his past life as a successful R&B singer behind him. As the lead singer of a hot gospel group, Jesse appears to have his life on track. Can he maintain the steady road while keeping secrets that could rock the success of his group and destroy the very core of his marriage to Dionne.

Dionne has landed a job in the ministry that she believes will allow her a platform to better spread the word. Will Dionne be able to maintain her new job while trying to save her best friend Suzette’s marriage, and dealing with the real story behind her adopted son.

Suzzette is married to Coleman, a member of Gospel sensation, Men with a Message, along with Jesse. Their perfect life is shattered by a secret that rocks the very core of what their marriage is based on. Coleman tries to come to grips with his exposed secret and the madness that begins to unfold as the layers of his secret are exposed. Suzette is busy questioning what she knows about herself and what the future holds for her marriage.

The Things We Do for Love is thought provoking novel , tackling issues of homosexuality, infidelity and the prejudice. Addressing the stances that the church, friends, family and the media may takes on during scandal, it is sure to have you wondering what you would do if faced with such situations. The story line is captivating. I recommend this book to Christian Fiction fans willing to think outside of the box on very controversial subject matters. This would also be a great book club read as the story and conclusion make for great debate.

Contemporary reader fans will enjoy this book. This page turner is a quick read. Looking for a little drama, this book fits the bill.