Sunday, May 16, 2010

Miami Attraction by Elaine Overton

Kimani Press, May 2010
Reviewer: Missy
Rating: 4

Elaine Overton writes a fun loving piece about two individuals with a lot in common including a love for furry K9 friends and a truck load of personal demons. Will their keep them from finding happiness together?

Mikayla Shroebr has a two hundered pound playful, lovable and destructive mutt named Angel, that is always leaving her in a bind. Mikayla knows that something must be done Angel and his lack of doggie manners ASAP. Dr. Dusty Warren is a man with a heart for animals and a reputation for being able to tame the wildest of them all. Dusty Warren is Mikayla's last hope while Angel and Mikayla are Dusty Warren's biggest challenge. Will dusty and Mikayla be able the battle their personal demons and find the love and passion they both desire?

Elaine has written an fun story filled with moments of intensity and excitement. The story was a pleasant and enjoyable read for any fan of romance.

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