Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Swept Away by Gwynne Forster

Kimani Press, May 2009 (Reprint)
Reviewer: Missy
Rating: 3.5

When Schyuler Henderson, a children's advocate and engineer, learns about the injury of a young girl in foster care, he takes the agency in charge of this girl to task critically injuring the career of Veronica Overton, the head of this child welfare agency. When Veronica learns of the chargers and find herself on the bad end of a major child welfare controversy, she is determine to both clear her name and that of the reputation of the agency. He search for the truth leads her to family secrets and growing attraction for Schyuler Henderson, the man responsible for damaging her career. Schyuler's traumatic past lead him to be a champion for for children. When he learns that Veronica is not the woman he though he was he is determine to help her resolve her past the rebuild her reputation. Will these two find love despite the controversy.

Swept Away starts out slow, but picks up as the book progresses taking readers on an interesting walk through a relationship with large hurtles to overcome. The large array of secondary characters give this story an amazing amount of depth, making the story true to life and enhancing the growing relationship between our hero and heroine. In true Gwynne Foster style all the characters and their stories touch your heart, providing readers with a three dimensional story that will draw you in as your turn the pages.

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