Sunday, May 16, 2010

Every Woman Needs A Wife by Naleighna Kai

Strebor Books, June 2006
Reviewer: Missy
Rating: 4.5

Can I Have A Wife…?

Brandi Spencer has been faithful to her husband for over thirteen years. But when she gets wind of him and his mistress Brandi decides to rock both of their worlds with an unheard of proposition. In pure diva style, Brandi takes the concept of common property to a whole new level. Brandi is making Vernon pay for and maintain his mistress who will in essence become Brandi’s wife, helping Brandi maintain the family home in payment for the time she took Vernon away from his family.

Tonya Kauffman, the mistress, came from a hard life and Vernon was her road to a life she has always wanted. After years of running, Tonya is finally ready to settle down with her vision of the perfect man, a widower with two children. Her perfect world disappears with the appearance of Mrs. Vernon Spencer. When Brandi makes her unorthodox proposal Tonya takes it unaware of how much the new situation would change her life.

Vernon Spencer was truly a daddy’s boy. When William Spencer introduces Vernon to the big boys club Vernon feels a need to man up at least in the eyes of his father. His solution is to set up and maintain a mistress. His mistake was to use company funds to maintain his mistress opening the door to Michael Cobb, an old time rival for his wife and the man who keeps the company accounts.

Every Woman Needs a Wife was a thought provoking read that made you laugh, cry, and say YOU GO GIRL at the same time. Naleighna Kai takes a situation that would rock the world of most married women and turns it into literary gold. The two heroine’s of this story learn what it really means to be a strong woman and form a bond one would never expect between the wife and the mistress. Every Woman Needs a Wife is an excellent read filled with enough drama, social commentary, and witty dialog to keep the pages turning. It is a fun, eye opening read that most women can relate to on some level.

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