Sunday, December 20, 2009

His Invisible Wife by Shelia Goss

Urban Soul: July 2009
Reviewer: Missy
Rating: 3.5

Shelia Goss is at it again a man and a woman coming together under not so normal rules.

Jacob Banks was about to lose it all until his uncle leaves him with the opportunity to save his business. However, there are stipulations that he has to make happen before he’s allowed the cash he needs to save his business. This stipulation is named Brianna "Bri" Mayfield, a woman with her eyes set on revenge. Jake has to marry Bri to cash in on the inheritance. Brianna is determined to destroy Jake and his company. Jake's proposal will provide her with a large sum of money and the perfect opportunity to accomplish her goal. What neither Jake nor Brianna count on is their attraction to each other.

His Invisible Wife was a fun and quick read with one major downfall. I could not find a clear description of Brianna anywhere in the book. I could give you a description of Jake from head to toe but we never get a description other than Jake stating she was a little healthier than most women he dated.

Shelia has produced another thought provoking intriguing book that left me captivated.

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