Friday, July 17, 2009

Darkness In The Mirror by Erica Lewis

Urban Soul: February, 2009
Reviewer: Toni Mac
Rating: 4

What you don’t know won’t hurt you. But what happens when you find out? Ondie Reid’s life hasn't been typical. Having developed schizophrenia courtesy of genetics, Ondie has managed to have a somewhat normal life with the aid of medication and therapy. She even had a meaningful relationship that resulted in a daughter, Maya, and a marriage proposal until…her mother told her fiancee of her disease. Ondie and her former fiancee, Dexter, have maintained a friendly relationship. In fact, Ondie thinks now is the time for them to reignite what they once had. But what Ondie doesn't know is that Dexter has been secretly seeing her sister. Will the discovery of their relationship send Ondie over the edge?

“Darkness in the Mirror” is an emotionally stirring look at the human side of mental health, focusing on the struggles and hopes of one family affected by schizophrenia. It was a pleasure to read. I’m happy to see an author tackle a subject not often addressed.

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