Saturday, May 23, 2009

Loving Dasia by Ana Gia Wright

Urban Books: March, 2009
Reviewer: Toni Mac
Rating: 3

Every girl dreams of her wedding day. A church filled to capacity. A beautiful wedding gown. Mr. Right, with his handsome self, waiting at the altar. Dasia Warrington’s dream quickly turns into a nightmare when her husband to be professes to her before God and all their family and friends that he doesn’t love her.

Crushed and devastated, Dasia locks herself in the hotel room that should have been her honeymoon suite to cry and drink away her sorrows.

Grimarious Guatreaux can’t ignore the sobs and sounds of pain coming from the room next door. Hating to see a woman cry, he lends an ear and supporting shoulder. Before long, the two find themselves attracted to the other.

Is it true that what you don’t know won’t hurt you? That may not be the case for Dasia. There’s more to Grimarious than she knows. And what she doesn’t know may very well mean her life.

“Loving Dasia” was an okay read. It was a surprisingly different read for me. It was like Bourne Identity falls in love. The elements were there for a good story; however, the execution fell short. At times the story was confusing and not consistent. Grimarious was involved with The Agency, a covert like type organization. At times I wondered if it was so covert that the author didn’t know exactly what he did! I couldn’t get a firm grasp of either character. More background on both characters would have helped for a smoother flow as well as detailed insight on exactly what it was that Grimarious did. “Loving Dasia” is not a bad read, but a read in need of better focus. I think the author has potential and the assistance of a good developmental editor would display that talent better.

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