Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chaser by Miasha

Touchstone; First Paperback Edition edition: July 2009
Reviewer: LaShonda
Rating: 3

Leah knows she is in love with the wrong man. When Kenny swept her off her feet and moved her out of the projects, she felt like a princess. Leah's princess dreams began crumble when Kenny’s latest get rich scheme has her facing prison time. The only way to avoid prison time is to become an informant against the man she though would make her dreams come true. Does she have what it takes to go against Kenny and save herself. Hard working Nasir is doing his best to distance himself from Kenny but Kenny has information that keeps Nasir from completing breaking all ties. Breaking free of Kenny’s guilt trips may prove to be more than what Nasir bargained for.

Told from the point of view of Leah and Nasir, Chaser by Miasha tells the story of two people trying to escape the grasp of Kenny and his schemes. Leah and Nasir's first person point of view shows the levels of emotions tied to the tug of war between right and loyalty that is shaping their life. Abuse, cheating, killing and snitching are all secondary characters in this urban tale. Leah and Nasir learn that fast money is not always a good thing. The turmoil each character faces in their quest to rid their lives of Kenny keeps you guessing until the final chapter.

Set in Philadelphia, each scene is descriptive and well written. The underlying story of Chaser (accident chasers) offers a look at the cycle of auto body shop, doctors and lawyers in everyday traffic accidents. Urban Lit readers will enjoy this tale of cat and mouse.

(Review Book Received From Publisher)

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