Friday, March 27, 2009

Men Money & Gold Diggers by Je'Caryous Johnson

Grand Central Publishing: February, 2009
Reviewer: LaShonda
Rating: 3

Get ready for a case of whiplash as you enter the whirlwind lives of Caleb and Paisley. Caleb is a handsome, successful investment banker who always seems to attract gold diggers. Paisley is a former model, in between jobs and fresh out of a relationship with a broke cheater. Will they be able to see past their past relationships flaws, and a prenup, to find true love?

Men, Money and Gold Diggers explores the lives of two people struggling to trust after being burned by love. Told from both Caleb and Paisleys point of view, the first chapter begins with a bang and continues to pull you deeper into their lives as the story unfolds. The main characters are well thought out and their friend and family help to add to the drama of the story.

This story was well written and covers the various pitfalls people face in the quest for true love. The characters are realistic and engaging. The twist and turns in the plot are well placed, keeping you interested from start to finish. Though it did not take away from the book as a whole, I did find the actions of some of the characters a little over the top. I also found myself questioning the direction the story was going a few times.

Readers of contemporary literature will enjoy this page turner. If your looking for a quick read with a little drama, this book fits the bill.

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