Saturday, January 10, 2009

Obessession by Gwynne Forster

Kimani Press: June 2008 (re-released)

Reviewer: Dee-Dee
Rating: 4

After a successful yet unrewarding life as one of the best stoke brokers on Wall Street, Selena Sutton decides it is time for her to put her life in order. She put relationships and family on hold to achieve monetary success but her life felt empty. She craved love and a family of her own. Selena uproots her life moving to a small town in Texas in hopes of finding a quieter life and the love and family she so desires. But Selena gets more than she expected when the Cooper boys roll into her life.

Prince Cooper is pure trouble and Selena wants nothing to do with him. Prince's ego will not allow him to believe Selena does not want him, becoming obsessed with making her his despite her relationship with his brother. Magnus Cooper is handsome and successful, the type of man women dream of including Selena. Unknown to Selena Magnus has been in love with her since the day she rolled into Waverly, the quiet Texas town they call home. But Magnus has demons with roots in family dysfunction. Will Selena and Magnus be able to create a life together despite the challenges placed in front of them. The outside forces determined to keep them apart.

Fans of Gwynne Forster romance novels will not be disappointed with Obsession. It is quality writing filled with plot twist that will keep you guessing through out the book. Selena and Magus are a likeable and readers will want them to share the Happily ever after despite all odds. The challenges the couple face both individually and as a couple will at times seem more than they can handle. Readers will enjoy seeing how these two manage to face all challenges including the ones they have placed in their own paths. Though I found the beginning of the book to be a bit slow, but once the story began to roll I was completely sucked into the lives of Selena a Magnus wanting to know how they will manage to navigate everything that is thrown at them. I throughly enjoyed Obsession and would recommend this book to anyone seeking the classic romance.

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